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I don't know, maybe seeing that everyone is on twitter or facebook, maybe that's the only place to go now. I know I see more activity on Twitter than here and most people who don't post here anymore are on my facebook and twitter.

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Call me "old-fashioned", but I am not in twitter and/or facebook.
I agree with Roger [wave] and would vote for our beloved GB.

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I agree with those of you who still prefer the Guestbook. Though increasingly, some of the last few people still interacting here are a handful (well, two LOL) fans who simply blast myself and other users just to be MEAN. Who wants to waste their time sharing, only to be met with trolling? John has so many deep and appreciative fans - but so many of them have vacated this forum in the past year or so.

I am grateful for someone like Sue Pisces, who is on social media, who keeps me in the loop with announcements I just frankly don't see here anymore.

I am so engaged with the public in my career field, that I have resisted social media in my personal life. But while many fans still come here to read (out of habit?) - most of John's engaged fans have turned to Twitter and Facebook for more timely and frequent fan / artist interaction.

Buggy whip craftsmen and cassette manufactures "MAY" still exist in the world - but only to meet the needs of a dimished base of interested parties. John's ability to share his music, thoughts and photos is finding an *increasing* audience via social media - as that ability to connect with a wide net clearly diminishes here.

Until a "Closing Time" announcement comes, I will remain loyal here. Yet as my wife (who enjoys social media) reads Twitter and FB threads, she gently rolled her eyes at me just this morning (after reading Christine's review of an Eric Johnson show in California) "You really SHOULD be on here, as much as you love music..."

- Douglas

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I agree with the last few posts, but would still like to see the GB kept active, but it needs to be kept up to date and relevant. I don't have a Twerker a/c or any of the Social media gubbins (except Linked-In for work). It's a shame, 'cos there have been so many memories and friends through this GB.

Still, Canute couldn't hold back the tide could he?


You give me hope, when there is none
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