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Hi all, for any of you on Facebook, there is a group started to remember and share our stories. If you are interested, please check it out. Hope to see some of you there!

Regards to all.

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Thanks for that, Kim.   
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This hit me so hard. John Wetton was so important to me. I'll never forget him but what comes to mind is what Carl Palmer must be going through now. To lose three close bandmates in the space of six months. I wish I could reach out to him.
Dale M. Haskell

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Thanks Kim,

not on FB but a great idea. Such a shame to lose John - his music was an inspiration in times that were quite hard personally. Still can't believe he's no longer here amongst us.

PK (in the UK).

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Only just heard about John's death, being out here in Switzerland. One of the great bass players of all time. Distinguished himself on "Red" by King Crimson (especially the track "Providence") and with UK. Great vocalist also.

We love you, John, and we miss you. Rest in peace in Heaven . . .

John Durham, Montmollin, Switzerland

J. Durham
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