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Originally Posted by agentarmstrong
Phil Collins doesn't sing better than he did 30 years ago... Greg Lake doesn't sing better than he did 30 years ago... Peter Gabriel doesn't sing better than he did 30 years ago... Dennis DeYoung doesn't... Steve Perry (see his recent 2014 Eels vids), same thing... So this begs the question - ESPECIALLY in light of how much touring activity he has had the last decade - how is *JOHN WETTON's* singing voice continuing to show so much depth at this stage of his career? I just marvel! (Thanks for sharing the clips, John sounds great up there w this format!! Wish U.S. promoters could pull this show off. I would pair John with Roger Hodgson on a "dream bill" solo tour here. Roger may be the only peer I've seen keep his vocal chops up as well as John has. I would love to see John play his Anthology material live here.......) - Douglas /AgentA\

No kidding! I am saying a prayer that they WILL have some dates for Anthology, here.


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John has been largely M.I.A. from his Guestbook the last year or so - and maybe for good reason! A ring is a positive symbol.

If John is sporting a ring these days, it can only mean that Lisa's companionship is bringing increasing joy into his life. He deserves it; after all the ups and downs he has experienced - physically, emotionally, career - having a good woman bring love into his life couldn't happen at a better time.

John was just in the hospital a couple months ago for surgery again - I know if it was me, having a sweetie worry about me, checking in on my progress would make it all a lot more comforting.

A ring, wow. That is great!! Very happy for Mr. Wetton.

- Douglas

(P.S. Anybody on Twitter hear about the status of John's biography? I wonder if JW's ring will be able to make the pages before it goes to press... for all the lyrics about love wanted, love lost, etc it would be nice to see his life story wrap with the joy he has found with Lisa...)

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Good for John! I wish him all the happiness that he so richly deserves. The man has lots of irons in the fire and priorities change, which is life as we know it. Love is a good thing, if not the best thing for my money and I tend to go where the happiness is. Looks like he is having a good time on this tour and his Twitter updates are fun, consistent and always in good spirits. I truly think that is his medium of choice of late and I am happy to read on wherever or whenever he taps out a new update.

He has given me so much over the years I could never ask for more. However I will be happy to tell him so in Philly if I get a chance to bump into him at the UK gig and of course (no pressure) demand another Asia album, a solo tour where he must play Cold Is The Night and a reunion with Mr. Fripp for a song or two in the not so distant future. Then, we can call it even! [wink]


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