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Ride Easy John!  You will be greatly missed! (1949-2017)

K Mart

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I was worried when John got married and he posted the photo then the announcement of the 2nd round of chemo.

It is a horrible day.  

Thank you for all the music.  May the universe take you to another great adventure. 

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I don`t know what to say, I feel soo sad. Thank you John, for lots of wonderful moments I spent listening to your music. I will never forget you. I miss you!

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What can I say? My position is clear!

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I am with you Tyler.


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I have no words. Very sad.


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A beautiful voice, an incredible talent that got me through some pretty difficult years with his music: John Wetton, an Extraordinary Life indeed!!  You are loved and will be missed always..

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what a sad and horrible day.  My heart goes out to Lisa and Dylan and all John's family and in particular to Geoff who's lost his partner in crime. From his positivity in his post on the 11 Jan about looking forward to future tours and more Asia music to today. which also happens to be the 10th Anniversary of my father's death. But right now I'm more cut up about John.

I shall miss him and the excitement of hearing new music wrapped in that velvet voice.

Rest easy my friend. Your struggle is over [frown]


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I heard about John's passing on the radio this morning. Feck. :****(

R.I.P. Thanks for all the music throughout the years, and all the interaction at the shows and years ago, on here, when you were John & Johan. Hugs to Lisa, Dylan, and the rest of John's clan.

(Original) ASIA is still my all-time favorite band. Hearing ICON tunes will cause me to cry harder now.

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So sad your journey in this life has ended. RIP John. Wishing peace for your family and friends.

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I am devastated today. Sad beyond words. My only comfort is knowing I will still be able to hear the voice of the most incredible musician I have ever heard played over and over again as I have done since hearing "Sole Survivor" for the first time in the early 80's. I once read an interview where John said his goal was to create the most perfect melody. I think most who loved his music will agree that he achieved that time and again with each and every recording and performance he ever did. There will never be another like him in my opinion. Always willing to keep his fans updated and to chat with them when he had the time. He was one of a kind and I thank God I was given the privilege to be on this Earth to hear and see him perform.

Godspeed on your next journey John. We will be listening always.

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Thank you for the music, John 

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John will live forever in our hearts... Ride easy my friend!
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This is ric not rick...Just to say thanks John for the truly magical music,camaraderie and humour. Like all of us on the guestbook I have such great memories of the banter and fun we used to have. We came into your home and you came into ours. God bless you.
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If there is a positive I will remember that John got something many people don't get....a second chance. His past 11 years of being sober gave him the opportunity to put the original Asia back together, repair and mend musical and personal relationships, and reach out to his fan base. This is a sad day, "Bury me in Willow" has been played a lot at this end of the web. But I am grateful not just for them music, but for the times he took to answer my unending questions about Astra. So with that I will say goodbye to a class act, great musician, and someone who touched many lives in a positive way through music.

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