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There are no words, just so sad. Thank you for everything all these years. Ride easy John, you were and are the best! 


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So bummed out hearing the news that my Bass playing idol for the last 40 + years has passed on. I'm so glad I got to meet him way back when, really sad day for music. R.I.P John, your memory like your songs will live on forever in our hearts and minds...Godspeed Johann...
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The day we all prayed was not going to happen has happened!
Im devastated but need to thank John for sharing his music.
My heartfelt condolences go out to Dylan, Lisa and of course the rest of Asia.
 Tis a sad day! The ring round the moon has darkened!

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Terrible and infinite sadness, can't believe that yet...John, your music and your voice has been so marked inside me that i considered you like a father...Your songs has always been beside me through good and bad times, giving the joy or the force to feel better.

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Such sad news about John. My condolences to Lisa & Dylan and all John's family at this very sad time. Also to Geoff and Carl as well.  John will be sadly missed a great musician, vocalist and songwriter. I will never forget his performance with Asia at High Voltage Festival in July 2010. He really gave it everything and I have seen many live performances over nearly 50 years of gigs. This was certainly in my top 5. My brother texted me today to give me the bad news as I was away from home and tears were there. Tomorrow for me will be a vinyl day in tribute to John - Asia's first album and Caught in the Crossfire will be the first on the turntable. To me John is right up there in terms of Rock icons and also he was a true Rams fan as well being born in Derby. I am sure he would have been pleased with Derby's win at Ipswich tonight.  I hope Lisa and Dylan find some strength in the esteem that John was held in the Rock World and by fans. Great is an overused word but it fits in this instance John was a great musician. RIP John your music will live on and thanks for some great music. 

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Congratulations, John! You did it!

You took on the challenge of addiction and wrestled it to the ground, you stood on it's throat, stared it directly in the eye and proved you were stronger. From the moment you chose to retake your life, it never got you.

There is much that all of us here can mourn for sure. We'll miss the gift that was his way with melody, his masterful playing and that one of a kind gift of a voice. But let's all find just a bit of cheer that he prevailed over one of the biggest monsters life can throw at any of us. So, the end of his life also marks a great moment of triumph. That battle has ended and he was the clear victor!

So, we thank you John, for all the great recordings we get to listen to for the rest of our lives. But, just as importantly, we recognize the example of your tenacity and steadfast determination in a fight that not everyone can win.

Well done!

Peace to everyone always.
-Me 2010

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My heartfelt condolences go out to John Wetton's son, Dylan, to his wife, Lisa, and to the rest of his family and friends. 

Like a mist through the trees
I cross the battlefield
She is born upon the breeze
She comes to where I kneel
There is no doubt
She comes for me

Peace at last, fade to grey
My war is over now
This the price I gladly pay
Surrender to her light
It shines for love and dignity



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Was absolutely gutted when I heard the news.
Had actually watched all official Asia DVD/Blu-Rays a couple of weeks ago.
A real happy week that was.
My thoughts go out to the family.

RIP John


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There are no words to express how I feel right now. I treasure the times when John would be on here, chatting with us about his solo work and albums with Asia, and I feel privileged that he took time out from his busy schedule to talk with us mere mortals. A massive, massive void has opened up in my life, as John was one of my all-time great music heroes, and he will never be replaced. You will be missed John, have no doubts about that.

Days like these I feel like I can change the world!

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I have been away for some time dealing with life and all that entails, and hearing this really hurts. I wish I was around more.

I met with him several times in his solo and Asia tours, spent some time with him at Wettonfest and the NJ concert showings with Asia, and the back and fourths on this page...even a few emails about his struggle and my marital woes...always a positive ear never downing or negative....can't say a bad word about the man. Thats a rare thing indeed.

He was a true gentleman, gracious to his fans and I will always remember what he told my son at The School of Rock, when I asked him to give my son Tanner some inspiring words to peruse a career in the music industry....and John said "Screw that be a plumber" and gave him a pat on the head. We all fell out..

Thanks John....for letting me in and making us smile. You will be missed.
My heart goes out to Dylan, his wife and to Geoff and the rest of Asia.
And to everyone here, we stand together in mourning.....Love ya man.


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John, thank you for the music, the melodies and the words.  You will be missed, but the music will always be there.


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I don't know what to say or write... love forever John.

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Incredible sad........speechless........

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I've just arrived and I must say how devastated I was this morning to read about John's passing. I am also a bit digusted by the lack of respect he is getting from UK newspapers. Many don't even seem to know who he is and yet French sites are talking about him.
I'm presently listening to the extended version of Crimson's "USA". You have to be one hell of a performer to keep up with Bob Fripp's improvisations and yet John managed it almost effortlessly. If I could keep only one memory of him it would be "Starless" which is as near to perfection as one can get.

RIP, John. You gave great pleasure to millions and you will never be forgotten as long as music exists.

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Such sad news...John was a gifted musician, who gave us all the gift of his prolific creative output. But he was also brilliant, and could lift you as high as the mountains, or break your heart, with the turn of a phrase. He had a wicked sense of humor. And he was as generous with his time as he was with his music - he spent so much time here at the GB, with us - and would make a point of trying to find you if you said you were going to be at a show. Because of John, and this GB, I have made many friendships that I otherwise would have missed. From the heart of your "GB goddess", John, I thank you. And I send a heartfelt prayer for your family and friends, and all of us, who will miss you dearly. Heaven gained an "Arkangel" today. Much love xx
"Poetry can be dangerous, especially beautiful poetry, because it gives the illusion of having had the experience without actually going through it.”
― Rumi
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