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The world is turning into a sh*thole. Just heard that Deke Leonard of Man has died. Two of our greatest treasures the same day We can but expect the worst from now on.

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I haven't been here in a while, mostly because I kept up with JW on Twitter. I knew the end was near when I saw the photos from his wedding and I nearly cried my eyes out. In a little over a year the cancer had wrecked his body, yet he seemed so happy with Lisa I still held out hope he'd somehow pull through, since his spirit seemed intact. Even knowing he wasn't long for this world, I was devastated by the news.

Not only is John Wetton my favorite musician and singer, but he fronted the first band I "discovered" for myself as a kid: Asia. Every time I heard an Asia song, saw a video, read an interview with JW or got a reply from him (he used to call me Sergeant Peppers), or a quick wave and a "Hi!" from him at the Dallas concert in 2009 and I immediately felt like I was that 12-year-old kid again in the spring of 1982 -and I mean that in a good way.

More importantly, he and his band mates opened my ears and my mind to an entire world of crazy, experimental and innovative music from their previous bands that will always get airplay in my head. For that, I'll always be thankful to John Wetton.

I'm glad that even though John's stay was cut short, he still got to do what he wanted to anyway, did what he wanted and did it in his own time.



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I heard from Johns Renaissance successor Jon Camp.  I was in shock as well all are.  I knew the past couple years about his illness.  He only just got married in November to Lisa from my area.  It was almost the same with Greg Lake whose weight had also dropped dramatically from treatment.  I'm grateful I got to meet John and get his autograph almost a decade ago.  I've seen Asia more than I had seen anyone else.  We can all take comfort for all that he's left us spanning five decades.  RIP John.

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Beautiful words posted by Lisa today on FB & elsewhere..

Straight from the heart and you can see why she and John made such a great couple.

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I am not in social media ..... can you copy her words an post it here please?

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RIP John, thank for the music which accompanies my life since 1982. Asia was my first album and Alpha the second. I still rate Alpha as the best of all time and "smile" as the the best songs ever composed!
Every new album was such an excitement, hard to image that I wil never ever experience again. Life would have been different without your music.
I was checking your Twitter account every day, hoping to get good news, but in the last months I always feared the worst. I expected that Geoff would bring the bad news, now the day had soul will miss you and your music.....the smile has left my eyes.....RIP

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Great to read this from Geoff's statement :-
"But we will soldier on - the music of John Wetton needs to be heard loud and clear from the rooftops".

Been playing John's music all week. Had a mate round last night who is a massive JW Crimson fan (I had the Asia side [wink])
and we toasted his legacy. Was a good feeling.

Stay positive. Ordered the new Asia-Symfonia Blu-Ray and can't wait to play it loud.

P.S. Was wondering, were any shows on the Gravitas Tour filmed for release. Anyone know?
Would be fantastic to know there's more to come in the future.

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Like everyone else, I was shocked when I heard the news that John has passed on.  I also thought he was on the mend and that he would be joining the group later this year to finish off the tour with Journey.

When I saw his wedding photos, I realized how the cancer had ravaged his body, but I'm sure not his soul.  I will truly miss his work and was hoping for another Asia album and perhaps another Icon album or two.  Geoff indicated that he may be able to finish the album they had been working on, however I'm not sure if John ever had the chance to lay down vocals.  

Looking back at 2004, I never thought Asia was going to rise again but after hearing the first Icon, I realized there was a chance.  As great as that album was, I was blown away by Phoenix and the subsequent Omega, XXX, and Gravitas as well as the other Icons, Rubicon and 3.  

I truly feel blessed that we were able to enjoy Asia rise from the ashes like a "Phoenix" as John pointed out.  His music played a big part in the soundtrack of my life, and I'm glad I had the pleasure of meeting him and seeing him perform.

God bless and see you on the other side John!  [bawl]

The Brightest Ring Around The Moon, Will Darken When I Die

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So so sad! My favorite singer ever. I will never forget meeting you at your fan convention in Lehigh Valley and your music which touched me and has been an integral part of my life. Favorite song ever.... Without You
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