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'Algo Parecido"......something seemed?  I think?

...John, did you pick up the latest Classic Rock Prog magazine? If so, what are your thoughts?

"And in the darkness, when I call
Tell me please, that there is light, after all..."

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Oh, very positive, CT--I like it. It was the urbane,friendly and erudite  Nick Shilton. I think he has a larger article in next month's edition. Yes, very nice, thankyou.

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TITTS (Take It To The Sun) is a really great song!

I love it. Great vocals on it, nice and melodic and powerful!

All around great song.

I also agree that Titts does go great with Twat. One could say they go hand in hand.

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Wasn't going to do it...had a firm resolve...but broke down just now and listened to all the samples and I am LOVING them!  Especially partial to Finger on the Trigger, I Believe and Ever Yours.  I think it was that darned 2 hour set tease...dag nabbit!

RGarah...I'm laughing on the inside!!! 

One last kiss, remember this.

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TITTS, TWAT.. I dont know.. you people! ;-)

Finger on the Trigger is an interesting title in itself, as is Open Your Thighs, oh sorry I mean Eyes.

It's early.. sorry,

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and think of England.

please delete me and acknowlege that you have

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There seemed to be a nudge from the band to buy Phoenix from Amazon, is this the case for Omega as well, or does it not really matter? Do all outlets count towards the same chart?

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