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While like most here I was huge fan for the first three albums...but let me say the last three have been absolutely wonderful. I had the opportunity along with my wife to meet the band while playing in Wilmington Delaware last October. I asked Geoff if today's technology allows the band to record albums in a much more economical fashion than 30 years ago and he said yes. He asked me if I enjoyed the new answer was an enthusiatic yes. And since October I have listened to Phoenix, Omega, and XXX over and over. I am thankful for the new technolgy.  The music, the lyrics, the subject matter are more mature, more tight, and what I would hope for 30 years later. I truly hope that the four of you continue to stay healthy, and make more great music that you can share with all of us.

For what it is wife loves "Al Gato Nero" and I love "Reno". I also don't think that "Ride Easy" would have worked on the first album. (A fine song...I just feel it would not have fi with the other music.)

We hope to see you again in the future. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2013.

Mike, aka The Shonz


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Well TheShonz, you're completely right about the last 3 records, they are so wonderful...Who else could recreate the emotions that songs like 'I believe, There was a time, Parallel worlds, Never again,...' and all the songs from XXX give you? Do we want to speak about the chills that cause 'Ghost of a chance' and 'I Know how you feel-midnight remix'?
Anyway my favourite Asia song is 'True colors', a very underrated song, as well as the b-side of Alpha record, one of the most epic page in rock history, as well as 'I've come to take you home' and 'I lay down' are underrated absolute masterpieces in John's solo career.
Don't forget that these two songs are the beginning of the current magic moment.
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