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Thanks Pete. Good to be back. Thanks for the PMs and emails etc. I hope you got my recent one.

I'm not sure what the full track listing would be - but you could start with all the extra tracks that appeared on Japanese versions but not European ones, or on European ones but not American ones, and so on. The title of this thread would obviously be a good starting point - and maybe even a good title for it?

"My first wife said 'it's either that guitar or me' you know -
and I give you three guesses which one went..." Jeff Beck

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I just ordered a used copy of the album through They're more reputable than G Market. It'll come before Christmas, I hope. I used my gift card that I got for Christmas. I hope when the new album comes out in February, this won't happen again, where the Pacific Rim gets an exclusive track the rest of us don't (unless it's a remixed, live or acoustic version of another song). I'll put a review on amazon once it comes.
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