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JW,  I've loved Goodbye Elsinore since its release.  Can you offer how it was born?  Are you responsible for music and lyrics?  Its final form is wonderful.  Its message is very telling for us in Autumn Times.

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The story behind the song is on the website news archive. Here's what John wrote about it [smile] and I agree, it is a very good song

Goodbye Elsinore:
As has already been stated---this song was conceived on the Sea Ferry between Denmark and Sweden. I was on my way to a classical concert by Vilde Frang, the Norwegian violinist, in the little town of Helsingborg, Sweden. Helsingor is where I was sailing from, and the journey takes about one hour. During that time, the tune, chords and most of the lyric came to me for part one of the song . I had to bark into my cell phone atop The 'Hamlet', as my ferry was so aptly named.

It was a beautiful, clear afternoon, with a blue sky, and the sun shining, winter cold, but fresh, and inspiring. The lyric is about freedom, but in this instance, the singer has something to hide as he escapes to freedom. He doesn't tell us what the 'crime' involves, but it must be something serious. A great solo from Steve Hackett, typically him----I saw him recently, and he's also pleased with his contribution, and likes the song a lot. The choral canon at the end is my penance, obeisance to Brian Wilson. I usually will put one rather large nod to the Beach Boys on each solo album, because without them, there would be no musical me.
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