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Here's mine (no covers-Buggles/Yes/K.C.-more time for Asia stuff), sometime fantasy works too much...:

-Countdown to zero
-Sole survivor
-Without you
-Time Again
-Open your eyes
-An Extraordinary life
-There was a time
-No religion
-Al gatto nero

-acoustic medley: Ghost of a chance/I know how you feel

-Wildest dreams

-1st encore: Only time will tell
                   After the war
-2nd encore: HOTM
                   Till we meet again

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Heat of the Moment
Only Time Will Tell
Time Again
Sole Survivor
Don't Cry
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
My Own Time
Rock and Roll Dream
An Extraordinary Life
Light The Way
There Was A Time
Bury Me In Willow
Ghost of a Chance
Heaven Help Me Now
Till We Meet Again

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Start with Gravitas, and have I Would Die for You in the encore between Wildest Dreams and HOTM

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Hi folks,

For my money, here is my favorite /ASIA\ set-list (sans legacy material from Yes, K.C., or ELP):

In no particular order:

Heat of the Moment
Only Time Will Tell
Sole Survivor
Time Again or Without You (my favorite non-singles from #1)
Wildest Dreams
Here Comes the Feeling
Ride Easy or Daylight
Don't Cry (band version or JW & GD version)
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
My Own Time or The Heat Goes On
Midnight Sun (Just imagine Sam Shazam soloing over that song!)
Open Your Eyes
Voice of America
Too Late (I know /ASIA\ did this one in 1989 with John Young)
Days Like These
Never Again
Parallel Worlds/Vortex/Deya
Extraordinary Life
Finger on the Trigger
Holy War (with added Sam Coulson action!)
I Believe
Tomorrow The World
Face on the Bridge
Judas or Ghost of a Chance
Heaven Help Me Now
Till We Meet Again (I agree this would be a great closer)

We can always dream!  Unfortunately, the dream set-list concept never takes into consideration the time factor of /ASIA\ doing all their songs or the feasibility of duplicating certain songs live onstage.  Fortunately, the band has quite a large repertoire of tried and true songs to perform in concert, with occasional nice surprises, such as Heroine, recently performed live with the Plovdiv Orchestra.  However, some of the newer /ASIA\ recordings are somewhat studio-bound while others, like Face on the Bridge, were born to be played live. 

As a one-time musician, I can see the challenges of playing the lovely song Bury Me In Willow as a live performance, especially with John Wetton's final verse segueing into the chorus.  I read recently that he would love to perform this one for the fans, but it would have to be in a controlled environment.  I too wish that more of the new songs from each album would be performed on tour, but having yet to see /ASIA\ playing live, I would be glad just to hear them do the entire first album with Sam Coulson!

Whatever the case, I know they will not let us down!


Jeffrey M. Leatherwood

Everyone needs a reflection to remind them they are alive...


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I always really enjoy your enthusiastic posts here, Jeff. Your way of writing adds a special voice to the crowd here.

I think your mind is going to be *blown*. He belongs to a rarified class of singer that just feels like he is singing "to you" every single time - you get goosebumps moments... chest-pounding pummelsnfrom the Taurus pedals and Zon bass work... smiles from John hitting certain keys vocally that carry you back to a certain place & time in your life... and you'll be hooked for life.

I look forward to your review for your "1st ever" /ASIA\ and John Wetton live concert experience. It will certainly make for one of MY most-anticipated moments of the 2014 GRAVITAS tour.

("You never forget your first time," Professor!)

- Douglas

"RIDE EASY my friends... this journey ends before it begins"

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Douglas (or Agent /A\):

I really appreciate your kind compliments, and I do try to share something with fellow /ASIA\ fans whenever I have a spare few minutes to post.  Reading your comments is one of the highlights on JW's Guestbook, and I often share them with Jennifer.  You set a positive example with regards to appropriate topics and overall tone, and I think you should consider starting your own blog -- it would be interesting!

I will be making an official announcement in a few days concerning my status as full-time professor at AMU, which will take effect as soon as the documentation goes through.  It will be a tough schedule, but it's the kind of history I love to teach!  Between this good news, and our proximity to either Atlanta or Charlotte, I am certain that I will be taking my wife (and possibly her kid brother) to see /ASIA\ live!

May your wildest rock and roll dreams come true!



Jeffrey M. Leatherwood

Everyone needs a reflection to remind them they are alive...


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I've seen Asia on ever tour since their reunion.  I never had a chance to see them in the early 80s during their original run as I was a poor college student working his way through school, but I did wear down the grooves in my Asia, Alpha, and Astra vinyl albums.

With the body of original work Asia now has at their disposal, 7.5 albums and counting, I would like to see them adopt "An Evening with Asia" approach similar to what Rush began doing a few tours ago.  Instead of the typical main set + encore, they could divide the show in half, add more songs, while also providing the band a more extensive break in the middle of the show.  It also allows the fans a chance to take a bio break, etc. without missing any parts of the show. 

IMO, only a few bands/artists can really pull that off due to their extensive catalog and I think Asia is one of them.

The Brightest Ring Around The Moon, Will Darken When I Die

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- Heat of the Moment
- Only Time Will Tell
- Sole Survivor
- Time Again

- Don't Cry
- The Heat Goes On
- Eye to Eye
- Midnight Sun
- Open Your Eyes
- Daylight

- Go
- Hard on Me
- Rock and Roll Dream

- Days Like These

- Never Again
- Nothing's Forever
- Extrodinary Life

- Finger on the Trigger
- I Believe

- Tomorrow the World
- Bury Me in Willow
- Face on the Bridge

- Valkyrie
- Nyctophobia
- Till We Meet Again
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