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I just wanted to take a second to observe that there are very, very few moments in music where I get genuine chills of harmonic anticipation (a couple of Rachmaninov and Liszt transitions/climaxes, notably).

But that portamento transition between the instrumental portion and the glorious freaking chorus in "The Last To Know" nails me every single time, without exception. Awesome instrumental break with the big ritardando - and that blossoming chorus - that portamento runs like a zip-line along my spine...damn...those are awesome musical moments.

Brilliant tune. Thanks.


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Not sure if this is quite what you meant Andrew, but these would be on my "gotcha" list:
- Opening vocals on "Without You"
- "Battlelines"
- "Hold Me Now"
- Totally left of field - Javert from the Original Cast of Les Miserables (Robert Goulet sound alike) - and the Elvish singing bits in Lord of The Rings


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PC you did not mention what version. early 82 MS, 83 MS, or the glorious '06-'08 live version.

a proud 10%'er!

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Yeah, Steve's solo on 'Midnight Sun' always gives me a shiver, especially when he descends to the 'lower depths' of the fretboard. And that little one bar run he and Johan play together  at the start of his HOTM solo...too cool!

"I know I must treat you the way that I'd be treated"
"How can I contribute if I just don't try?"

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Intro to Extraordinary Life. Solo at end of Extraordinary Life. JW's chorus of Extraordinary Life. Carl's drumming throughout Extraordinary Life. Geoff's perfect keys accompanyment to JW's vocals in Extraordinary Life. Strikes a chord....


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I like the same as what Mags posted. "Battle Lines" is so absolutely beautiful and majestic. "Hold Me Now" is vocally stunning. Wetton's voice is amazing. LOTR's Fellowship soundtrack is beautiful too. I also love the soundtrack for "Titanic" (not referring to the Celine song ~ I mean songs like "Rose" and "Hymn to the Sea"). There's an old song by The Bells called "Stay Awhile" that always gets me too. I played that all the time when I first met my husband because it's him.

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Gotta echo mags as well re: "Without You," which remains my favorite tune from Asia's debut. That 'gotcha' moment happens twice for me -- the stanza just before the instrumental ("Wanting things the way they used to be ...") and that crescendo smack in the middle of the instrumental. In fact, I'm listening to it right now...


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I think its so cool there are others who feel the same about Without You. I have had many JW gotcha moments all starting from Without You and Here Comes The Feeling...just being amazed at JW's voice. When I hear his melancholy/emotional songs it gives me chills too, I've lost count on how many times but that's what you gotta love about JW's voice.

One that always gets me is the 1997 Starless on Monkey Business, people talk about songs being in movies, for some reason to me I can see that it being such an epic song, a part of a soundtrack.


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that portamento moment in "Last To Know" is awesome...

There are many for me. Too many to list.

How about the orchestra shining through in Rock And Roll Dream!

"Here Comes The Feeling" -- the "just when you thought it was over" key change and incredible ending that leaves you so pumped!

"The Smile Has Left Your Eyes" incredible thunderous sound effects and glass breaking sounds in the ultimate crescendo!

"Daylight" ending -- where the tempo slows down and you are anticipating the beat

"My Own Time" vocals -- "Time ***IS*** on my side again! ***AND*** on thing I intend, is I'll do it in my own time!" the great pitch on IS and AND, as well as the layering of vocals.

"Never In A Million Years" -- "I will never leave you" interleaved with "I will Stay!"

so many more

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oh, and the bass in "Here Comes The Feeling" during the beginning where the bass slides up and then then hits the perfect note.

"Oh God Where were you, when I needed you."

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"See you standing there
magic in the air
now that smoke has cleared
time has disappeared

could it be the same
ever be the same?

"how could I trust you when I caught you messin' round"

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yeah luv! That same section gets me every time too!

"Sole Survivor" bass, just before the peace pipes.

"True Colors" -- and I know what I want you to do!! Just pack your bags and get away AWAY, AWAY, A - W - A - Y !!!

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All of "After The War" is definitely my 'gotcha' piece.  Every note of that song is just off the charts.

As a side note, a couple of songs that STICK in my head for a long time after I hear them are "Prayin' 4 A Miracle" and "Kari-Anne". 

"Don't try to stop me...I am a professional!!!" -- DAVID COVERDALE
"NO! We are not an English rock band...We are albatross salesmen from Huddersfield" -- IRON MAIDEN

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can't forget the first few lines of Kari-Anne
what happened to those feelings again, were they
'put'  away?
 I rather like the word 'pulled' myself..
now there's a 'gotcha moment' if ever there was one..

"how could I trust you when I caught you messin' round"

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"Cold is the night
Blue is the day
Cold is the night
Without you",
just before the solo. That octave rise is gorgeous.

"Walking through the snow kicking my heels
Seems that sunlight never felt so good before
Bet you really don’t know how it feels
I don’t have to answer to no one no more..."
like RGarah, I have one of those chilling moments in this tune. In my case, it's in the verses. I don't really notice the bad moment the band was allegedly living in Canada, to me it's pure magic, like the whole TSHLYE and on and on. I can't really imagine what would have came out of the sessions if the vibe would have been harmonious and positive. Maybe living it wasn't the best, but the musical result is hardly surmountable.

"A vision of eternity
Oh, Lord! Never take the dream from me
Here I am, standing at the edge of destiny…"
an enormous and divinely well sung middle eight that will never cease to touch me. John's pronunciation is also a thing to be observed in this one.

"Eating away at me, it won't let go
Suspicion is following, everywhere I go
He walks before me, he's someone that I don't know"
  I've always had a soft spot for this song and, did I say I enjoy JW's middle 8's?

..and that's all for now. This is what I like talking about more: music, songs, which ones I like more, when and what parts, so I'd better stop before I start to monopolize the thread.

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