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My friend Sue sent me a text at 7:06 this morning letting me know that John had died. From the early spring months of 1982 up until today John's music with Asia has been a part of my life, and without it much of what I've said and felt would have that much emptier. From the summer of 1982 when I was 17 and in love for the first time with a girl I'd met on the last day of school, Angela, and in the heat of the moment later that summer told her of these feelings, throughout the years that have come and gone since then, there is not a time that I do not hear "Without You" that I do not think of her. While I did not know John personally we'd met enough times and conversed both face-to-face and online on his guestbook for him to have gotten to know me as "Conan" and when we met at the Best Buy Theater meet and greet in 2012 this is what he called me. Our world has grown a whole lot darker with John's passing, but for now we have his music and our memories of him to keep the love he brought to us alive. Rest in peace John ... till we meet again ...
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I'm so sad. I'm a total Crimson freak and I loved the Wetton era (and, admittedly, all of the other Crim eras). I saw John in concert at least twice: once with UK and once with Asia. Besides, while we don't know the details, for the most part colon cancer can be treated successfully by regular colonoscopy procedures. Not saying he avoided the procedure but I wouldn't be surprised (as essay writing services experts report there are people who have needlessly died because of this). Yes we are getting old, now is the time for looking out for this.
RIP Mr. Wetton.

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Tellement de peine aujourd'hui pour moi, puisque je pensais que la lutte continuait pour John et que tout espoir était encore permis... Je sais maintenant que le paradis des artistes défuns c'est agrandit avec lui, il a été beaucoup d'émotions pour tous et les groupes King Crimson, Uriah Heep, Asia... Ont été grandit par sa présence... Tristesse... >>>
So much trouble today for me, since I thought the struggle continued for John and that all hope was still allowed ... I now know that the paradise of defunct artists is enlarged with him, Emotions for all and groups King Crimson, Uriah Heep, Asia ... Have been growing up by his presence ... Sadness ...  [frown]

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