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1)  Live Aid in London.
2)  Asia for the first show back.   Though I did see them at Foxwoods a few weeks later. 
3)  The original lineup of KISS when they returned.

How about moments you were glad you were there, especially if you didn't plan it?

1)  Boston, 3rd Stage tour, twice for 13 straight shows at the Worcester Centrum in MA.
2)  Faith No More opening up for Metallica and Guns N Roses at Foxboro Stadium in MA.  This was the show between the accident/riot in Montreal and the cancelled show in NJ.
3)  My cousin had an extra ticket to see Bowie on the Spiders tour and was a great show.  I didn't know Joe Satrianni and Stu Hamm were opening for him. 
4)  A buddy had an extra ticket for Robert Plant on the Now and Zen tour  and didn't know Stevie Ray Vaughan was opening. 


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Asia 1982,1983 & 1990 Tours would've been great for me to see.

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Since there's the "had to happen in your lifetime" condition to this, I could only think of 2 major events I wish I could have attended:

1) Isle of Wight Festival in August 1970
2) Woodstock August 1969 (I was a month old so that counts as my lifetime)

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Top 5 Music events I wish I had been at !!

1. Queen - It's a kinda magic tour..turning down tickets thinking I would see them on the next tour

2. Live Aid - Wembley Stadium '85

3. Asia the first time round..(definitely not with Greg Lake!)

4. Being a bit older so I could have seen Uriah Heep with David Byron, Ken Hensley and Gary Thain and Johan (return to Fantasy)

5. Seeing UFO at their peak with Michael Schenker / Paul Chapman...Strangers in the Night tour. One of the best ever British Rock Bands..Have you ever met them Johan?


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(1) When Cream played their actual first gig (Twisted Wheel Manchester 1966)
(2) When Cream played their first official gig (Windsor Jazz & Blues Festival 1966)
(3) When Cream played in San Francisco (Fillmore Auditorium 1968)
(4) When Cream played their penultimate gig (Royal Albert Hall London 1968)
(5) When Cream played their final gig (Royal Albert Hall London 1968)

Oh and loads of other things too, like when Asia first played at Wembly and when Zeppelin reformed at the O2 recently...

"My first wife said 'it's either that guitar or me' you know -
and I give you three guesses which one went..." Jeff Beck

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Originally Posted by emwhy
OK matman, ya got me thinking with your desert island what are you top 5 moments in music where you wish you coulda been there? Only caveat is that it had to happen in your lifetime. No order on mine:

Queen @ Live Aid
The Who @ the Concert for NYC
ASIA's impromptu college gig in '82 power outages and all
Peter Gabriel Amnesty International @ Giants Stadium in '86
ELP in Montreal with the Orchestra

Some of these are on youtube.

Saw The Who in 82 at Shea with The Clash as the opener and again when they did Quadrophenia at MSG.
Saw ASIA in 82 at The Forrest hills Tennis Stadium and a few times since of course.
Saw ELP 2 times when they got back together in the nineties.
Have never seen Peter Gabriel or Genesis believe it or not.

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Although I have a few of these on DVD.. minus the AsiA gigs it probably would have been uber Epic to have seen some of these historical and memorable moments in Rock history in person.. The DVD's does some justice but to be there would have been the bee's knees..

1. AsiA 1st Show ever.... (I wonder if this was rec0rded)
2. AsiA playing Phoenix in SF (need on audio)
3. any 90125 tour show.. (have a few on DVD)
4. Isle Of Wight (The WHO) ..(have on DVD)
5. Live8 so I could see Pink Fl0yd.. (have on DVD)

Originally Posted by John
Who is Eric Calpton?

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Paulie on Stage with Asia & Miss Green M&M

I wanna know why this guy likes me so much,he is so cool.

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Paul Clark is in OKC.

Danny Noreiga is in OKC.

I've never seen them together in the same room.

Wait a minute....Holy Duplicity Batman! Could it be?


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could it be what?
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