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Originally Posted by Johan
Not [I]origina[/I l line-up,April--I believe that would be impossible (Jane Relf,Jim McCarty,Louis Cennamo?),but the cherished line-up, which includes her,obviously.The one that did 'Northern Lights',I s'pose.At one time they'd have anyone singing with them (including me---where I first met Annie)). Yes,Amie,she holds a tuns well on 'In The End',doesn't she?
I don't know what happened with my parentheses and italics here, but I'm in a hurry to leave for Longisland,later dudettes.

Um, yeah, that's what I meant .  Great news!  Don't get stuck on the LI expressway (which is anything but).

April - progmetal
and now - the rest of prog
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