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There is a phenomenal amount can be done in the Mastering process,depending on your engineer. One thing is certain, you cannot just transfer analog>digital without remastering---it sounds appalling,and that's what happened with the 3 UK releases
when they went from Polygram to Virgin. Re-mixing is a different ball-game,and can even destroy some of the magic from the original. Remastering almost always improves the original,but is expensive--a word contemporary 'record companies' don't like to hear.
Like the new avatar,Avril.

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So Johan-
The 3 U.K. discs that I have are all Japanese imports, (complete with some Japanese writings in the sleeve) bought before there was any release of them on CD here in the states. Are you saying that this effort to remaster those gems might actually make a significant difference? Is there any way to get a glimpse into the particular process they might be planning?
You have heard the true original and the Virgin CDs. Just how marked a difference is there? It seems to me like it might have lost a certain presence and crispness.
Here's hoping they do it right!

Peace to everyone always.
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BLAM!!! 'click' BLAM!!!!

well then describe in detail what was wrong then. i know what april is talking about , compression and all. but mastering does not include overdubbing or fixing anything that is broken. it's too late for that. so BLAM, BLAM back.

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Sounds like a record company could try to be "remaster of own their domain" after their previous masterabatory treatment of crossing tracks from analog to digital. 

I would call for a taxi but apparently many of them have decided to go on strike and they won't take my credit card anyways.

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Where was Alan playing?
Cause I missed that one.


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I believe it was at Yoshi's, and that a buddy of mine was also there.  World's biggest Holdsworth fan -- which is why we call her Fusion Queen.

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Originally Posted by April

I believe it was at Yoshi's, and that a buddy of mine was also there.  World's biggest Holdsworth fan -- which is why we call her Fusion Queen.

Yes, we do, April!   But you probably already know that's who I went with to the Holdsworth gigs.  

And Allan was at Yoshi's in Oakland again, just like he was last year!  You can get the dvd of last year's show that was filmed there...quite good, and me & "Fusion Queen" are shown in the audience a good number of times!     If you do see this dvd, I'm the one who is clearly, obviously enjoying the show!

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