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Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm really excited to read about the up coming John Wetton box set.

I'm hoping there may be a host of rare bonus tracks and perhaps a Bluray audio or 2 with 24bit /96KHz or higher transfers.

Even if there isn't I'll be there to support it.

My first exposure to John Wetton was about 31 years ago, when I discovered the amazing band 'King Crimson.'  John had such an interesting voice, I then discovered his work with Asia(which for me was the highlight of the entire band.  Strange as I'm a bit of a Steve Howe fan but honestly it's John's incredible sonic and textured vocals that made the songs so amazing.  From that point I've always sort out all I can find of John's wonderful music.

He was so underrated and to be honest right up there with the incredible music of bands like 'Gentle Giant' and 'Nektar.'  My favourite album of John's is without doubt the incredible 'Battle Lines.' but I've really enjoyed anything he performed on(including a surprise performance of the well known 'Video Killed The Radio Star.' by 'The Buggles.' live)

When I'm feeling down or feel like inspiration for a vocal, John cheers me up instantly.  Sadly I never got to attend a live concert but I've loved watching all the Youtube clips and of course listening to anything I can get my hands on album wise.

An incredible performer that will always live on in the superb music he made for us all to enjoy,


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What can I say? My position is clear!
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