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Forgive me for reviving an ancient post. Is there anyone who can confirm that this is the Michael Stollery (aka Stollaire) who was charged by the SEC on May 28, 2018 for defrauding millions of investors? He started a blockchain company called Titanium Blockchain Services Inc and raised 21-35 million in an ICO in Dec 2017/2018. The company is under receivership, info at He hails from Sherman Oaks, CA and appears to be in his 50s. His resume indicates he has worked as an IT consultant since the 90s. There is a musical connection. If it is the same person, the people who he defrauded would be very interested to hear anything you know I am sure. He defrauded many people of life savings, and most likely faces many years in jail. Thank you for any information you can give.
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