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Some love John's work with King Crimson, UK, Icon, solo, Asia-

This ranks near the top for me.  Bought the LP in 1987-and still have it-some great tracks on there-have been able to purchase from iTunes recently to hear using today's technology. 

There are some very nice songs, great singing from John and playing from Phil and Alan White.

Any one else concur?


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Totally concur..I also have the original LP.

No trees were harmed in the posting of this message, but several electrons were inconvenienced!

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Suzanne is one of my top ten john's song, this song is a real bijou!

it's an another life, don't think about the past

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I have the cassette.  Probably stretched out the tape.  CDing tonight I listened to pick out a favorite song.  Couldn't be done.  Now that is a total album!!!     

"Let's make the most of today. Let's make the most of now!" JW

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Funnily enough I have been listening to this album recently, I loved it when it came out. Its just love.. and love can break your heart !! My understanding is that this album was made for Geffen as the last of a contract under not very pleasurable circumstances. Thankfully the end result wasnt affected !

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W/M is still a great album! I never get tired of hearing those songs.

I wish John would hook up again w/ PM again. Would love to hear W/M II!

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I picked this one up on cassette as well.  At a Ben Franklin to boot.  I wrote Geffen a letter (pre-internet and email) and asked where I could find it on compact disc.  They sent me a reply saying, sadly, that it was not available on cd.  I was not happy.  I ended up buying 3 copies while I could still find it.

I love this disc.  Have You Seen Her Tonight and Every Trick in the Book are awesome!  So is It's Just Love and Suzanne.


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I have no assbug vis-a-vis Phil, but he seems to have one regarding me, so I'm not holding my breath. It's a pity, because we were good friends as well as colleagues, and I always enjoyed Phil's company. I re-met the subject of 'Suzanne' two or three years ago. It felt good to renew a connection, and expunge any ghosts, with the Susan who had so completely bedazzled me in 1982.

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I'm sorry to hear about the relationship going dry with Phil M.

Sometimes, these things happen without anybody really "at fault" - life commitments and routines just somehow take you into different social and/or professional circles of influence.

I was just having this conversation with my 15 year old son Tyler this past weekend. I basically told him "not to worry" that some of his close friends from his middle school years have drifted apart...

"Know thyself" - right?

I advised him to learn and grow in education, knowledge and life experience - but remember that we always face consequences for our actions. Surround yourself with good people, make good decisions, and the friends and love companions you have will enrich your life.

"Learn to let go" - that's a hard one when you care... but others will become part of our journey at the time they are needed.

When (and "if") the "old friends" are needed again, life will have a way of bringing us back together accordingly.

"PROVIDENCE", right?

Isn't that the word used inside the liner notes of BATTLE LINES, John, by your producer at the time?

"RIDE EASY my friends... this journey ends before it begins"

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Providence, acceptance, tolerance---it's all good, and it's all meant to be.

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Hanging with my Jenny Labow, I get to see alot of things from a musicians view.


I nearly lost it Saturday night with the guy who sings along with her, I wanted to kick his b-hind,but she told me a few things after the smoke had cleared so to speak.


And she has fans that are cool and fans that pretty much get on our last nerve.

but she has to be nice about some of it. I banned one fan from coming to her shows after she told me he had called her a few ugly names I didn't like.

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