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Hey guys thought I would post this it's an upcoming interview with John Geoff
and Carl.


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I look forward to hearing this in full.  Thanks.


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Apparently, I say 'I'm John Wetton'.  Magic.   


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          Thanks DL, Can't wait to hear this interview (Love to hear Mr.Wetton talk anyway) I'm sure it will be very interesting.

             Btw..John Wetton is  magical. Just listen to his songs.

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Thanks for posting it!


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Funny intro John, we all know he's in Asia so why say it. Gotta love the way Carl says the band's name, classic!


As voices go and having had the opp to speak to John, he has one of those speaking voices you would kill for. Old saying, I could listen to him read the phone book. His personality and intelligence shines through the way he tells a story and draws you in, very matter of fact.


Carl has that unique tenor to his voice, quintessentially Brummie all the way. I used to work with someone from Solihull which he told me a thousand times and how he was a stones throw from Birmingham, who sounded just like him. Have always enjoyed listening to Geoff speak in interviews sans his vocoder, great sense and humor.


Okay, where's Steve?


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I am *greatly* looking forward to this special, too.

Two nationally (U.S.) shows I have ALWAYS enjoyed immensely are ROCKLINE with Bob Coburn, and IN THE STUDIO with Redbeard (funny name, that, eh?).

I have an episode of Asia "IN THE STUDIO" from several years ago - does anyone know if this is "resplicing" the OLD interviews, or are these NEWLY recorded??

(I always feel a bit closer to the band's material, somehow - and this is for any band I love, really - when I hear them reflect upon the sessions and songs in their own voices. It gives you a deeper connection to the material.)

That same notion may be why the "Storytellers" concept emerged with such ratings and success for VH1 in the 90s.

What I wouldn't give to see John with "That Piano" and his acoustic guitar intermittently, perform a "Storytellers"-type of show or tour. I don't know the "financial" viability of such an effort - but just as a fan, speaking aloud, I would truly relish such a show.

Songs like "I Lay Down" and "Arkangel" and "Walking On Air"... whew! Along with fans like us quietly, appreciatively listening to the songs woven together with rich storytelling. Maybe even an /ASIA\ track or two, like "Smile Has Left..." or "There Was A Time" from OMEGA - just BORN for such a stripped-down presentation...

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 Agent.  I'd "relish" the DVD that followed the airing.  Oh but to have a seat at that extraordinary event, priceless!!!   

"Let's make the most of today. Let's make the most of now!" JW

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AgentA, that clip is the same one they used a year or two ago, when the interview was offered as a download so I'm guessing it is the old interview.  We'll have to see.

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and this was recorded in August of 1990, I remember it well, cause somebody called me from New York to tell me about it, I wonder who that was?


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Originally Posted by John
Apparently, I say 'I'm John Wetton'.  Magic.   

How about "I'm John Wetton and you're not." ?  (Chevy Chase reference)

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ASIA 30th Anniversary of #1 Debut on In the Studio with Redbeard

Now the interview is up online!

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