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Hi all,

Here's an interesting interview w/Johan from '79 during U.K.'s
west coast tour of the states:


The interviewers are a hoot!


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A little background info about Starless and some other U.K. and KC music.
Thanks, JohnO.

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Fantastic find.  I always admire how thoughtful  and sincere Johan is in interviews.  A man who truly cares about his music.


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Great document!
That brings to mind a comment that a veteran fellow BCN rocker told me last week, 'bout a gig that Heep with John Wetton did in Barcelona in 1976. I didn't know John had had already played BCN before Y2K!
Quoting him (my friend), he said Byron didn't do it very well, but he and his mates remember JW's bass solo as the highlight of the night! I didn't know JW did bass solos during Uriah Heep gigs. If the story is true, of course.


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a wonderful interview

I love the beard

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My facial hair was just like Johns,until I made a few adjustments.
Nice b/w video by the way.

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Very nice!  Thanks.

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excellent...candid...and informative, even through the retroscope.

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Great interview, very well done.  Fun to think that was about the time Johan was visiting my hometown Kalamazoo with UK.

The set had a bit of a 'Wayne's World' look to it, which was amusing.

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Here are the additional parts to the interview. Great info!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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Great interview! Thanks for posting the follow-ups, Jonathan!

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Yes, thanks a bunch Jonathan! Funny how Johan said in Part 3 in reference to Alan Holdsworth,how he could just skip around from band to band " I want more of a solid following" Looks what you got what you wished for! Don't think you could get more solid then your fanbase!
I was a bit curious Johan, does you brother sing as wonderful as yourself? And also, you fooled me! I am also lefty (actually amibdextrous, but I write lefty) though I wear my watch on my right hand, you wear yours on your writing hand! Pretty cool! I usually can tell if someone writes with their left if their watch is on the right! LOL! Perhaps you are ambi too!

I think you looked terrific and you expressed yourself very well! You know Honesty Abe? We've got Honest Johan!

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Great interview-thanks so much for posting it! I was all of seven years old when that interview happened, so if it wasn't for YouTube, I never would have seen it. Being able to view things like this is one of the reasons I like YouTube.

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