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Asia - HOTM and Time Again

Alpha - My Own Time and Daylight

Astra - (People will hate me, but...)  Hard On Me 


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I LOVE EVERY ONE OF THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Way too difficult to choose one only!  It does depend on your mood I think.  I'd have to agree with others and pick a track from several albums:-

Asia - Wildest Dreams
Alpha - Don't Cry
Astra - Rock and Roll Dream
Phoenix - a toss-up between Parallel Worlds/Vortex/Deya or Orchard of Mines
I also love Ride Easy

Impossible to choose really.  Every Asia track evokes different emotions when you really sit down and listen to it;  Johan has a fantastic way with words.


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awesome response from John and the rest of the community.. I know its hard to pick just one.. there are so many.. all of them actually are the best... LOL..


Originally Posted by John
Who is Eric Calpton?

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Agreed. It is very hard to pick a favorite song from Asia. Even outside of Asia, I don't think Mr. Wetton and Mr. Downes have ever written a song I didn't like!

"We can learn from the past, but those days are gone. We can hope for the future, but there may not be one." - Dream Theater, A Change Of Seasons (1995)

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Very difficult...I have to choose between 'Only Time Will Tell' and 'Go'.
É love them equally.
'Heroine' is my favourite off 'Phoenix'. Simply outstanding - it just brings tears in my eyes - one of Johan's best performances - up there in the same high level with 'The  Smile has Left Your Eyes'.

Open your eyes and see the world that stands in front of you

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"Wildest Dreams", "Without You", "The Heat Goes On", "Wish I'd Known All Along" "Orchard Of Mines", "An Extraordinary Life" "Parallel Worlds/Vortex/Deya", "Only Time Will Tell" ~~~ I have to stop myself now or I'll end up listing everything 

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Asia: Only Time Will Tell
Alpha: for a long time it was Open Your Eyes, but lately it's been My Own Time
Astra: Too Late
Phoenix: Over and Over


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Ride Easy- languished as a b-side for too long.

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It would be much easier to simply quote my least favorite.
As so many of these songs have different ties to all of our lives growing up with many of them....
probably "lying to yourself"

May yer stalagmites always reach higher!!

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Asia - Sole Survivor all the way! (by the way, I love this in the Key of D...that way I can hit the high note as I sing along!)
Alpha - Never in a Million Years, Eye to Eye, Midnight Sun, Open Your Eyes
Astra - Hard on Me, Too Late, Suspicion
Then and Now - Days Like These
Phoenix - Never Again, Extraordinary Life, Heroine, and (please, oh please for the upcoming tour) Nothing's Forever that song has a killer opening with the Asia trademarks of John's opening vocals, Geoff's trumpet-sound on the keys; Carl's timpani, and Steve's slide guitar. My kids all love NF.


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I always struggle with listening to "Rock and Roll Dreams"
As the Sheriff's diminished feelings come accross soo deep that us loyalist's shed a tear for Capt. Howe at its playing.....
as our ASIA Dreams had also diminished....
Thanks for undoing all that had been done!!

May yer stalagmites always reach higher!!

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For me, it was not difficult to name my favourites:

Asia: Sole Survivor
Alpha: The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
Astra: Hard On Me
Then And Now: Summer
Phoenix: An Extraordinary Life
Battle Lines: You`re Not The Only One
Arkangel: You Against The World
Sinister: No Ordinary Miracle
Rock Of Faith: Who Will Light A Candle
Icon: Let Me Go
Icon II: Shannon
Icon III: Never Thought I`d See You Again


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Asia-Only Time Will Tell
Alpha-The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (the song that would later get me through a very nasty divorce)
Astra-Rock and Roll Dream
Phoenix-Parallel Worlds/Vortex/Deja

but overall for very personl reasons it is The Smile Has Left YOur Eyes

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